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Will writing services

Making a will is an important decision in your life if you want your assets to go to the people you desire and to the people and cause you care about. This is to make certain that your wishes are met after you are no more.

To write a will, on your own, or through your lawyer or a professional agency, first of all you need to list down all the assets (movable and immovable property, cash, savings, investments as well as digital possessions) and debts (loan and/ or mortgages) which needs to be distributed. The assets may be valued from time to time so as to get an idea of the worth of the assets. Once the assets have been listed, you need to decide how do you want the assets to be divided and among whom, i.e., who gets what. You also need to decide what happens if the beneficiary dies before you. After the distribution has been decided you need to choose the person or the agency who would implement what you have decided, upon your death. This needs careful selection as the executor has a lot of work and responsibility.

Once these steps are completed, comes the actual process of writing the will. Writing the will may be done with the help of lawyers, professional will writers, charities, banks or on your own. However, will writing services are always cheaper than hiring a lawyer for the same. However, hiring the services of a will writer is always a good idea as they understand the intricacies better than you and can help professionally in drafting he will which may not attract further litigations. There are many freelancers who would do the job for you or you may hire a will writing service provider.

Once the will has been finalised you need to sign it and keep the same in a safe place in a bank or with your lawyer or the service provider. The executor(s) of your will should know where the will has been kept so that the same can be executed, after your death.

For the will to be valid, it must be signed by you in front of two witnesses. You must be in the correct mental condition to understand what you are signing and you have made the will without under any pressure from anyone.