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Sumeru Constructions

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Thinking of renting, buying, selling a house or a commercial space? We all fall back on somebody who has correct information and different options available. These are real estate brokers. In some regions they are also called as real estate agents or property dealers. Whatever, their name be, they help their clients in buying, renting or selling properties. They work independently or hire a salesperson. They earn commission based upon the rent/ sale/ purchases made but are not paid unless the final settlement is done.

Most of these brokers have an office where they deal with the clients, and it is the agents working with them take the clients to the site for visit and explain the features. However, they need to be more into the field rather than in the office.

Majority of the brokers work full-time, although some do work part-time and as freelancers as well. There is no fixed working hours for them and they accommodate the client requirements and most of them are working on the weekends and in the evening hours. Although they have a fixed salary, but most of their earnings are in commissions, which are divided among buying agents, selling agents, brokers and firms.

You can use this website to get information on the top real estate brokers in India and would also find nearby local real estate agents.