L.I.C Consultant

Religare Health Insurance


This is a type of insurance bought by an individual towards expenses incurred for medical and surgical expenses. The individual who is paying for the policy is known as “insured” and “provider” is the hospital, clinic, doctors and pharmacy. The company providing the services are agents who collect the premium and make sure that the insured is provided services as per the agreement by the provider, in lieu of the premium being paid by the insured. All these agents have a network of hospitals in almost every part of the country where the hospitalisation cover can be provided. In most of the cases, if the patient gets treated in any of the network hospitals, the procedure is “cash- less” whereas in non-network hospitals, the expenses are reimbursed.

The cost of the health insurance depends upon the type of policy bought, age of the insured, pre- medical conditions, number of people being insured and also the location of residence of insured and the lifestyle.

The premium for the health insurance can be paid upfront at the start of the policy or these days, many for the companies are providing the premium to be paid in instalments.